Saturday, May 31, 2014

This lovely strange feeling

It's three days now, since I decided to write again on regular base ( you may say everyday) and it is fun. However, the real fun part of this is that I'm in the middle of this immigration process, leaving for for Australia with my wife, and you don't know what exactly you should do with that language selection bar up there! Should I choose English, should I click on Persian? Strange choice!
You know, I was practicing writing for years, cause I wanted to be a writer, it's better to say I wanted to be journalist, and I wanted it bad! We made a very successful student magazine in university and I wrote a blog for a few years and it had some regular readers, but as I said the funny part is that, they were all written in Persian!
Of course, nobody wants to throw away all his previous efforts in learning things, so I thought it would be nice to try it the both ways and believe me, it is really interesting to find out what a different person you can be, when you use the other languages!
First, it is the attitude towards all the literature, Persian language has a strong resumate with great poets and a few good novelists, so you can easily find very nice samples for yourself to practice on, but there are historical issues which affected the writing process in Iran for centuries. There are these bugs, these ancient undetectable diseases, hiding inside the books, between the lines, inside the words that you may catch them way before you even notice.
More than a thousand years of dictatorship and sensor with this sever lack of stability in life style or busyness due to countless invasions and long lasted wars, completely  changed the expression way of Persian art.
Persian is not an assertive language, it is shy, and it is full of these other meanings, the important ones, hidden deep inside the words, in the shadows of ordinary ones. Yes, you could be killed or got severely punished for what you said, so it is not a big surprise to find speeches wrapped up in "double entendre" figures, concealed by symbols, waiting for the ones who knows the codes to show their secret content.
Besides, despite all the pressures and limitations, literature remained the main way and the strongest weapon in fighting for political rights and spreading awareness. You may rarely find a Persian writer or poet remembered by people, media or even critics with out a back ground of struggle against their own time dictators or false believes.
So you cannot start writing in Persian and stay totally immune from becoming an activist for enlightenment or a universal soldier of human rights!
At the other hand, there is the English  way of talking which I learned mostly from TV series and Hollywood cinema! So it is a heroic, unreserved, affectionate type of speech and it is not that focused on fighting the power!
So, from now on I'm going to write in both languages and enjoy the differences between me, myself and I !

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